FMEA - Failure Mode and Effect Analysis

QS 9000 standard require application of FMEA to the products and process. Such analysis, previously reserved to specific sectors as defense technologies, has now become an important issue in the automotive industry.
A FMEA analysis can be carried out with spreadsheets and flow charts.
FMEA helps in tracking causes of failures, failure modes and failure effects in design, process and product. Three indexes are assigned to each failure: probability P, significance S and detectability D. The product of these indexes defines the risk priority index, a good starting point for corrective actions. A control system allows to schedule and manage corrective actions and responsibilities. Graphicals tools also allows to focus corrective actions. Increased knowledge helps to improve the manufacturing process and product.

The software is available also in English. A new textbook with examples is also being prepared, based on the FMEA Praxis - Carl Hanser Verlag.

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