Special measuring instruments for shaft and gear measurement
contact and non-contact metrology

We develop custom measuring technology since 1992. Our systems give you fast, cost effective and accurate measurement results in workshop or measurement room.
If your application requires development of a new technology, we can reduce your purchase costs up to 50% of investment, within a EU R&D project. Please check this option with your Purchase Department and the Management of your company or visit the EU website
www.cordis.lu formore information on that.

Technical data
max. lenghts 400, 800 and 1200 mm, max. 160 mm, special versions available

Technical enquiries or visits

To receive a quotation on you specific measuring task send a description with all necessary drawings, fax it to +3902700532664, or just call +39.3484121280

Diameters, lengths, recesses, radius, taper, intersections on any type of shaft
Crankshafts and camshafts

Other transmission shafts


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