Gear measurement machines and instruments
High technology gear production machine tools (hobbing, shaping, shaving, grinding)

Gear Measuring Machines
These new design and user-friendly fully CNC GMM have the best price/performance ratio and allow fast and accurate gear measurement for you gear measuring laboratory or gear manufacturing workshop, they are available in different models up to diameter 1000 mm.

Our GMMs allow measurement of spur and helical gears as well as hobs, shaper and shaving cutters, worms and worm gears, bevel gears.
Evaluation according international or factory standards.


Automatic double flank gear measuring system

Double flank measuring of gears, directly in your manufacturing line.

High production hobbing and grinding of quality gears for gearboxes requires high accuracy and process parameters.
Automatic 100% quality control helps in mantaining continuous performance.
It can check different sizes 60 - 380 mm and modules (1 to 9).
A special master gear allows evaluation of classical double flank paameters and OBD (over ball distance) at the same time.
Standard modules included: structure, feed system, pneumatic loading system, double flank gear tester,

Optional unit includes marking system and/or gear deburring machine. Our engineers can perform time study, economical and payback evaluation and integration into your manufacturing line, including quality data evaluation and CAQ-System: Statistical Process Control, Charting, Data Mining and Data Acquisition Systems.

Double flank gear testers

High quality measuring instrument for small gears up to module 2. It can be used in the quality control room or the production line and performs double flank rolling test with analysis according to DIN / AGMA standard, comparing nominal and actual values of following parameters:

A special master gear allows direct measurement of double flank parameters and Mdk. Both units can be equipped with loading system for mass production. A special version for internal gears is also available.

Workshop gear measuring instrument, it perform fast, reliable and complete geometrical gear analysis: pitch, helix, deviation, profile. Initially developed for use in workshop, it provides an accuracy comparable to high quality instruments for the metrological lab and can compete with much more expensive gear metrology instruments.

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