Instruments for measurement of roundness, radial oscillation, eccentricity, cilindricity

Main features

Measurement of roundness, cilindricity, rectilinearity, planarity, concentricity, coaxiality, eccentricity, radial oscillation, total radial oscillation, axial oscillation, total axial oscillation, parallelism, ortogonality conforming to DIN ISO 1101, taper, roundness analysis in angular sector and frequency analysis.

- Automatic or manual measuring procedures
- Pentium PC with 15" monitor and colour printer
- Measurement instrument with all accessories
- Ergonomic support table and electronics included
- Maximum workpiece diameter: 300 mm
- Maximum workpiece height: 300 mm
- Maximum workpiece weight: 50 kg
- Zoom: 50, 200, 500, 1.000, 2.000, 5.000, 10.000 e 20.000x
- Filters: all standard filters
- Guarantee: 12 months

The software has been developed with the co-operation of research Institutes in Minsk and automotive manufacturers in Czech and Slovak Republic on guidelines of the Russian Aerospace industry.
The software is currently available in Russian, Slovak, German,English, Italian and Spanish.


Assistance, training, calibration provided by our local service centre in Europe.


Manufacturing plants in the Aerospace and Automotive industry in Russia, Belarus and Czech Republic. Available on request.

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